Valentines date ootd 

As you all probably know this weekend was valentines weekend, for my boyfriend and I this isn’t a huge deal so we did small gifts and a relaxed weekend. On Saturday we went to see deadpool (it was amazing!!) and then had the m&s done in for two deal by the fire with Saturday night telly. On Sunday we went to my favourite place, the beach! A lovely walk along the beach and then won two prizes on the two pence machines at the amusements.   
I have been loving these high waisted leather trousers from asos. They are so warm and comfy to wear. 

The plain black top is long sleeved and from primark. 

My tartan jacket is from Zara. 

To keep my Warmer against the freezing wind at the beach I wore my giant Zara parka. 

Asos leather gloves, these have a burgundy trim at the wrist and touch screen in the thumb and fingers. 

The heeled boots are from new look and so comfy! I have been wearing them all week. 

My bag is from Browns. 

Our little minion key ring and magnet prizes. 
How did you all spend your valentines weekend? 


Essie sable collar review

A while ago Essie nail polishes where on offer so naturally I went a little crazy buying several and one that I picked up was this gorgeous brownish purple which has a hint of shimmer in it. All of the Essie polishes I got where very good quality and they are very chip resistant, I get a good 3 days out of them before I need to redo my nails. 

To increase the lifetime of my nail polish I have been trying out this base coat, topcoat and nail hardener by Barry m. As far as I know it has been making my nails less chipped, particularly after a shower. I’m not sure how strong it has made my nails as naturally I have very weak bendy nails. 

If anyone has any nail polish reccomendations as I would love to hear them! my friend sinead has created a monster now! 


On trend purple lips | drugstore 

As frequent readers will know I love a bold lip, Either berry colours or deep reds. I have been lusting over all of the purple lip colours I see on Pinterest and Instagram but I don’t have enough confidence to wear them usually. However I have  decided to throw caution to the wind and wear whatever lipstick I want and screw what anyone else thinks! 

I got the revlon lipstick in 633 vava violet. 

The packaging is so gorgeous! 

I have very thin lips but I think you can still see how it is a gorgeous super dark purple shade, it is so gorgeous and creamy on the lips. I love this formula.

To make this dark colour a much lighter purple I layered over the rimmel apocalips liquid lipstick in nova, it is a light pink shade which I usually don’t wear. 

I really like these lips, particularly for wintertime wrapped up in my new jumper. 


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Revolution flawless mattes palette

I’ve started to sway away from shiny sparkly eyeshadows in favour of winged eyeliner and a bold lip and with that I find a shiny eyeshadow is just too much! 

It’s quite difficult to find decent quality matte eyeshadows but when I saw this for £8 in super drug I decided it was worth a try as there are so many gorgeous shades and the swatches looked lovely and not too chalky on my hand.

 I love the packaging of this, it’s so sturdy and the giant mirror is amazing for when I travel. 

The top row has the lightest shades which don’t come up on my white as a ghost skin very well. 

The second row colours come out much better against my skin tone.

The next two rows are darker again, they look similar in the pictures but they are more different in real life. 

I have worn a couple of these all day today without a primer and they have stayed in place. 

I would reccomend this palette wholeheartedly especially for the £8 price tag! 

The worst invasion.

Between new years and Monday my student house got burgled. Three of the five bedroom doors are sawed off, they made an attempt at my room and the attic room but where unsuccessful. The rooms that they did get into are turned upside down with their things strewn all over where their drawers and wardrobes have been rifled through. They took obvious things like tablets and jewelry but also peculiar things such as half a bottle of listerine and the star from the top of the christmas tree.

The *insert expletive ridden description of these scumbags* left one of their hats and an empty redbull can so the police have been able to get dna samples and hopefully a match on the system can be found.

I no longer feel safe in my own home, which as someone with anxiety home is usually the one place i can count on to feel secure. It just makes my skin crawl to know that these people where in my house and taking my friends things such as very sentimental jewelry that can never be replaced.

I don’t understand how people can do things like this, do they not see how much it can affect the victims not to mention the fact that people work incredibly hard for the things that they have. On bonfire night my boyfriends car got keyed, why? why do people do things like this! I sound like a petulant child but it just isn’t fair.

If anyone has any words of advice or comfort in the comments they would be very welcome to myself and my housemates.



The best nail polish remover

Im finally back after not having internet over the Christmas break! 

I’m so disappointed that the Internet breaking stopped me from finishing blogmas, hopefully next year I can complete it! 

Anyway back to the nail polish remover, as I have started painting my nails more often I have had to invest in a nail polish remover. The fist one I had was a super drug own brand one that took forever to take polish off never mind glitter polish! It also contained acetone which bothered me as acetone is so bad for your skin (in the lab we have to wear gloves when using acetone to clean the glassware).

I left this bottle at uni so I had to get a new bottle when I returned home for the holidays and when I saw an acetone free one I went straight for it. 

It’s by Sally Hansen and cost £2 from asda. It gets off all ten nails of polish off with just one cotton pad and takes off glitter polish no problem. 

It also has much less of a smell than acetone polish removers do and is much kinder to your hands. 

I will definitely be staying loyal to this nail polish remover and repurchasing once this bottle eventually runs out. 

How I deep clean my brushes | blogmas day 15 

Double brush posts today due to the missed day yesterday!

I use my normal hand soap which is a dove beauty bar.

  I swirl the brushes on the soap.  Then i swirl the brush on the palm of my hand under cold running water. Until the water squeezed out is clear and the bristles are white again.
 There we go all clean and shiny again.

I do this about once a week with my face brushes on a rota so they have time to dry fully and i still have a brush to use each day to do my makeup, I hate using ,my fingers to rub in foundation.